THE COW: An Unbeliever's Journey Through The Quran's Longest Chapter (with a few side trips, to complete the picture)

3. Book Summary

This summary is actually the detailed chapter list of the book. It should give you a pretty good idea of what it is about:

The Opening: A story with Two Punch lines / This Religion is Marvellous

The Source: Why “The Cow” / Keeping it in Perspective / The Quran Reading Experience / A Perfect Book – The Final True Message / Quran Translations / The Traditions and the Traditionists / References

The Journey Begins: We Have Three Cows / The Quran’s Mysterious Letters

Believers and Deniers: This Book / Blessing the Believers / Damning the Deniers / You Have No Choice in the Matter / Hell must be Filled with Men and Jinn

Hypocrites: Corrupters and Mischief Makers / Satanic, Seducing Jews

Islamic Hell: / The Seven Gates of Hell / The Tortures of Hell / Muhammad’s Eye Witness Report of Hell

Belief and Doubt and Their Rewards: A challenge to the Doubters / The Rewards of Paradise / Defending Allah’s Use of Parables

Allah the Creator: Creating the Heavens and the Earths / Creating Adam and his Wife / Legends of Mortals Become the Word of Allah

The Devil and His Hosts: Satan, Devil, Lucifer, Iblis / Satan, the Seducer of Man / The Jinn Community / Satan V. Muhammad

Children of Israel! (and Apes and Pigs): Be Very Afraid / Ungrateful Jews / You Are the Chosen People, But… / The Furqan / Say “Hittat” / Water From the Rock, Good Food, and Anti-Semitic Slur / The Turning of Jews into Apes and Pigs

And Now the Cow: The Biblical narratives / The Quranic Account / The Hardening of the Hearts

Muhammad’s Jews – From Prosperity to Extinction: Israel’s Children / Jewish Origins in Arabia / The Himyarite Kingdom / The ‘Aws and Khazraj Settle in Medina / The Expulsion of the Qaynooqa’ / The Expulsion of the Nadhir / The Massacre of the Quraytha / Yathrib is no More / The Last of the Quraytha / The Destruction of Khaybar

Textual Corruption: The Allegation / The Tah’rif doctrine / The Implausibility of Tah’rif / A warning to all Corrupters and Hypocrites

More Reproaching: Lecturing the Jews of Medina / The Prophet Killers / Back to the Golden Calf

Who Will Inherit the Hereafter?: The Jews Should Commit Mass Suicide / Another False Accusation / Heaven Belongs to all of Humanity / Quranic Application

Even More Reproaching: The Enemies of the Angel Gabriel / Some More Repetition and Obscurity / Delivery Overshadowing Contents / The Believers Must Use Appropriate Vocabulary

On Abrogation, Inconsistency and Discrepancy: Improvements and Corrections / The Mother of the Book / Abrogation Example / Much Discrepancy and Incoherence

Preaching to the Believers: Be Not Like the People of the Book / Jews and Christians Argue, and Allah Will Decide / Muslims Banned from Allah’s Sanctuary in Mecca / The Unbelievers Demand Proof

Down the Pseudo-Biblical Memory Lane: The Trials of Ibrahim / Ibrahim and Son Renovate the Ka’bah / Ibrahim Submits and Enjoin Same on his Sons / Muhammad Wins Immunity and Allah’s Support / The Baptism of Allah

The Messiah, ‘Isa, Son of Maryam: Two Different Marys / The Conception and Nativity of ‘Isa / ‘Isa the Miracle Maker / ‘Isa Departs this World / The Jews Have Their “Son of God” Too

The Qiblah: Changing the Direction of Prayer / Justifying the Change

Muhammad is the Chosen One: Rabbis, Monks and Soothsayers Have Known All Along / Searching the Scriptures for Proof / The Soothsayers Heard it From the Jinn

Further Preaching to the Believers: A Prophet From Your Midst / It is Good to Suffer and Die in the Cause of Allah / Divine Approval for Pilgrimage Rites / Curses on the Deniers and Those Who Conceal / Allah’s Clear Signs Ignored by Evil Doers / Your Forefathers Had No Sense / A Dose of Hell Fire and Chastisement / Religious Instruction

Islamic Fasting and Holy Months: Fasting on Ramadhan and Other Times / Fasting Instructions / Calendric Issues

A Touch of Jihad: Rules of Engagement / Fighting is Obligatory / Jihad is Forever (But it Need Not Be)

The Hajj: The Pilgrimage / It is All About the Hereafter / Present Day Hajj Customs

Submit and You Will Be Saved: The Believers Must Guard Against the Deceivers / Islam Means Submission / Ask the Children of Israel

Marriage and Divorce and Other Matters: On Charity and Vice / Laws Regarding Marriage / Oaths and Vows / How to Treat Women / The Laws of Divorce / Perform Regular Prayers and Provide for Your Widow

More Mixed Up Bible Stories: Various Matters / The First King of the Jews / The Divine Presence /The Exploits of Talut and Dawood / Favourite Messengers

On Submission and Compulsion: No Compulsion in Religion / Violations of the No Compulsion Verse

Theological Discourse and Signs: Ibrahim and Namrud / The Man Who Died for One Hundred Years / Ibrahim Asks Allah for Signs

A Few Parables, Charity and Financial Jihad: Spending in the Way of Allah, and Being There / Giving Alms / Muhammad Wins More Immunity / Believers Support the Jihad Troops with Their Money

Financial Matters: The Prohibition of Usury / Contract Law

The Last Two Verses: Amen / Confirming Muhammad’s Mission / Allah Makes it Easy to Observe Islam

Mankind: Is There Hope? / In Conclusion / Islamic Reform / No More Jihad? / Mutual, Respectful Co-existence



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